The Association of Independent Consultants of Building Structures is an independent, non-profit association, whose purpose is to dignify the image of the consultancy of building structures, and to enhance the quality of the projects and professional services of the partners.

The main objectives of the association are as follows:

  • Dignify and foster the image of the independent structure consultant.
  • To improve the scope of work of the consultants with the horizon of the full assumption of responsibilities by means of the accomplishment of partial projects of structure.
  • To establish minimum levels of quality in the professional services of the associates that will be observed by them, and to contribute to the professional, technical and business improvement of the associates.
  • Promote the relationship of associates with professional associations, with reference companies of construction products, with central, regional or local government agencies, as well as with other agencies and technical entities.
  • Participate actively in the drafting of the rules and laws that concern us.
  • Disseminate knowledge of existing structural solutions in the market, and promote technical debate around them, acting as a framework for meeting all participants in the sector.

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